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Port Gardner Bay Recovery, Inc. was opened in 2002 with a desire to provide primary prevention, early intervention, and individualized treatment services to the community.  Our intent is for each client to experience a professional yet relaxed and welcoming environment.  From the first phone call or drop in visit, you will know that PGBR, Inc. is different from other agencies, smaller, more personal. A place that is able to take care of the important details of your case while not losing sight of the reasons you are here.   Our agency is about flexible appointments, flexible financing, and a willingness to give you a straight forward explanation of your evaluation results or  recommendations.  Whether the need to be here is for your family, employer, or legal complications, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. 


Kimberli McCabe, CDP

State certified since 1990, Kim is the sole practitioner at PGBR, Inc. and will work with you from start to finish. She brings extensive experience, humor, and  established credibility within the community. With PGBR, Inc. you can be assured that you will not be lost in the shuffle and you will get the personal attention that you deserve; we are always willing to work with you to ensure you are successful in your efforts. 

Services Available

DUI and Employer Assessments

Superior Court and Family Law Assessments

Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS)

Early Intervention Group Counseling

Substance Use Disorder Education

Relapse Prevention

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Deferred Prosecution Treatment Program

Individual Counseling

Assessment Services

Imagine for a moment taking your car in to a auto repair shop. Wouldn't you want the diagnosis to be accurate and something you can easily understand? You wouldn't want work that isn't necessary, but at the same time you do want to know if there are risks that need to be addressed. While cars and assessments aren't the same, completing alcohol and drug evaluations at a treatment centers that recommend counseling that isn't always necessary can be avoided.

  We understand that your assessment will often determine the next step depending on your current situation. You want the assessment to comprehensive and fair, based on solid diagnostic criteria, and with a counselor that begins  your evaluation with an open mind and with no preconceived notions regarding your personal history. You want someone who will listen without judgement and provide the most appropriate clinical recommendation based on established DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and the ASAM criteria for patient placement.  When you need an accurate and fair evaluation, it's in your best interest to seek out an experienced clinician. You have choices when it comes to getting an evaluation and it's not a choice to make quickly.  Take your time, make phone calls, and know what is out there before scheduling your appointment. 

Your final assessment becomes a permanent document, whether it is for your employer, the courts, or with your family law attorney or Guardian ad Litem. 

 This is when experience matters.

Our Programs


Early Intervention and Substance Use Education

ADIS is an eight-hour, specialized education course intended to help individuals make lifestyle changes to address their high-risk behaviors. The goal of this course is to reduce the harmful effects of negative behavior and increase personal responsibility. Our ADIS courses are held on Saturdays from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. Please contact our office for upcoming dates and registration options. 

Our Early Intervention and Substance Use Disorder Programs are designed to address choices made in regards to substance use and provide education and tools to affect positive change. Participants receive information on the harmful effects or substance use and are given healthy alternatives to improve their emotional and physical well-being. Our programs consist of group and/or individual counseling. 



ADIS Schedule

Traditional Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient

Our Outpatient and Relapse Prevention Programs are offered to clients who have demonstrated significant positive change in their behavior, including the ability to begin and maintain the newly acquired skills learned at higher levels of care, such as Intensive Outpatient or Inpatient Treatment. Consisting of group and individual sessions, this program provides relapse prevention skills, coping strategies, and structured support. 

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a higher level of care providing a concentrated program of individual and group counseling, education, and structured sober support. The program is designed to evaluate and address specific social and behavioral aspects of  daily living to help individuals achieve their sobriety goals. 

Our Deferred Prosecution Program is an Intensive Outpatient Program which includes 24 months of treatment and monitoring as well as regular treatment reports to referral sources.

Treatment can be Affordable

 Most are under the impression that substance use disorder treatment is expensive and beyond their financial reach. We acknowledge that it can be expensive but believe that it can also be made affordable through flexible payment arrangements.  PGBR, Inc. offers competitive treatment costs and we will make every effort to to work with you.  Please contact us so that we can explore your current financial situation and see what can be done to create a workable financial plan.         

  • Insurance Coverage: we can help verify your eligibility and benefits at no cost
  • Private Pay: All methods of payment are kept confidential as we are committed to protecting your privacy 
  • Payment Plan: Whether you are using insurance or private pay, we can work with you to create a payment plan that works for you such as down payment and monthly installments

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Resources and Schedules

2018 ADIS Schedule (pdf)


SnoCo/National Community Resources (pdf)


2018 Snohomish County DUI Victim Panel (pdf)



We offer 15 to 20 minute in office or over the phone consultation appointments at no cost. We want to help you determine the best path based on your current situation. Please contact us for more information. 

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